Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Firing all engines


I've been waiting.

Today was the first day 3 out of 4 kids were off to school and I was able to.


- Running on trash day makes me ill.  So many people don't recycle!!  I know I've talked about this before...

- ...but running on trash day also brings out my hoarding tendencies.  (I'm casting this as a good thing here, work w/me...)  I saw a large stack of neatly trimmed, perfectly good boards tied up in bundles.  2 bags of clothes that could have been donated.  Pots and pans.  Toys.  Stuff that wasn't junk but could have been useful to someone.  I really hate our consumer driven society.  I'm hugely guilty - just buy a new one! - but trash day makes me ill.  People could use that stuff.

- I need to design comfortable, modest running clothes...

- Or start running in the country.

- And stop sweating.

- The jogging stroller pulls a tiny bit to the left...

- But it's also faster than me so when we get going it also pulls my behind.

- My wrists are not exactly comfortable pushing that thing!  Maybe I'm too short?  But thank God I have it!

- I have never paid more than $25 (the gifted strollers are an exception, but weren't paid for by me anyways!) for a stroller and this awesome jogging stroller needs to get much more use.  I love it!

- Finding out your iPod is not charged when you are all suited up and excited to go for a run after way too many months would be what the teens call an epic fail.

- Hearing the church bells play a whole hymn while you run totally makes up for the iPod...

- ...and either that's a recording or some church nearby totally has a lot of bells!  I was hearing chords and a melody.

- I need to find another way (besides hubby's phone, which he uses) to track my runs.  No internet on my phone.  I love seeing my splits and stuff.  I am way too analytical to let that go.

- I love fall.

(For the record, distance was 2.2 miles and the first 1.2 took about 13 minutes.  I walked the rest.  I tried to walk quickly!  But I was definitely dragging.  Not nearly as much as I will be tomorrow, I know!!)

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