Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wet dog.

I ran the same route as yesterday...28:41.  I got to use Hubby's phone so I could use an app and have music =)  The app must have upgraded b/c it now talks over the music to tell me I had gone 1 mile and how long it had taken me.  It also tells the pace.  (Not fast enough!)  So that was pretty cool...I didn't even have to fuss w/the phone!  This time instead of pushing one kid in a stroller, I was chasing a kid on a bike.  And this time I ran in the afternoon.  Which I don't think I like, w/the exception of using the phone.  Tomorrow is a day off.  I sweat way too much this time and I feel really tired.  I might be asleep by 7 tonight!  So who's coming over to pack 4 lunches while I sleep?

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