Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Under duress

Duress.  Is that the right word?  I wasn't going to go for a run today b/c I wasn't feeling the best.  However - I have been trolling craigs.list for a long time for a jogging stroller for the baby and me and wasn't having any luck in my price range.  I started praying about finding one at the thrift stores or mentioning it to a friend who wanted to sell theirs or something like that.  (It has worked before - God gives us the desires of our hearts!  If you want to hear the other stories, let me know =)!)  Anyway - yesterday was not the usual day to stop at the thrift store.  But I did.  I once again walked all the way to the back even though I know we don't need mattresses or wheelchairs.  (Cue the Hallelujah chorus!)  There was a jogging stroller.  In good almost perfect condition!  And the price was a mere $25!!!!  Half of what I was willing to pay!!!!  
Back to the run.  I wasn't feeling well.  The stroller called my name over and over again...I told myself that this is exactly what I wanted and yucky feeling be darned, I WAS GOING RUNNING!  Some observations on today's run....
-warmer than last week.  Still cold.
-must put the stroller top tabs in the slot for the stroller to stay put together while running.
-baby doesn't flinch when stroller disassembles while running.
-I am that crazy lady who has dumb stuff happen to her while running.
-at least it wasn't while we were going down hill!!
-only made it 1.1 miles today, maybe 1.2 due to malfunctioning stroller and other weirdness.
-must make this a weekly event.  Not to mention going other days of the week =)
Oh and duress means threats brought to someone to make them do something against their will.  I guess the threats were from my own self.  And going running wasn't really against my will, so maybe that word wasn't the best choice!  Maybe I should say I was compelled.  Better?  I think so.  =)

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