Monday, April 19, 2010

The 5 seater bike picture

I know I mentioned this bike from when we were on vacation and I'm just now getting around to going through the pictures...So here it is! It was a pretty cool design and of course Dave thought one could make a similar bike at home...notice I said 'one' could! Dave's handy but I think something like that would require welding. He recently built a wooden scooter for Mo, which is more his level. (More on that over at the other blog...) Anyway - if we have the chance we'll do something like this again =) It seems not everyone would say the same. As we crossed a bridge over a small lake, we encountered a family on an 8 seater bike. One of the teen daughters said they weren't so lucky! When they crossed the bridge, something must have happened b/c the pedal had broken off! They seemed to be contemplating if the bike was still going to work...on further review, the post where the pedal was located was also bent, rendering the bike un-driveable. We were so glad that didn't happen to us!

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