Monday, April 26, 2010


I rode my bike to the bike shop =) It was 'bindy' as our girl Bean says! So I added 1.8 miles to my total and I will soon have new baskets, toe clips and a mirror on my bike! Can you say 'upgrade'? I am itching to ride more often and it's not that I need to spend money on my bike to actually motivate me, but all that stuff will help. I was putting groceries behind the kids in the Burley - they complained of milk jugs and such digging into their backs =( Now I will have 2 large fabric baskets on the sides of my rear wheel to go with my front wire basket. The mirror will help so I don't need to twist my body to see behind me while pulling kids in a trailer. The toe clips are not necessary but will make me feel more comfortable. One of the other moms in the neighborhood has ridden her bike to drop off her daughter at Mo's school for the past 2 days and I am so jealous! All the wind has discouraged me but maybe soon I will join her!

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