Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wild card.

I just came here to update the settings of the blog and realized 2 things.
I need to ride my bike more.
We took our first family bike ride this past weekend!
So - boo and yay all in the same realization!  We were camping in the Horicon Marsh over Memorial Day and we rode on the Wild Goose State Trail.  The most difficult thing was that Bean is incredibly slow compared to the rest of us...making it difficult to go far.  In her defense, she lacked calories that day and she has the smallest legs, bike and wheels out of all of us.  Next time we may just put her in the Burley to speed things up a bit!  But it was a gorgeous day - about 55* and sunny.  The trail is an old railroad bed that runs between farm fields (at least the part we did).  We wish we could have done more, but it's a start =)  And today I am about to leave on a sort-of-solo ride for fun!  (I'll have Dewey, the foster 'baby' in the Burley.)  Pretty excited that I can come close to topping the last 2 year's mileages in about a week....not hard to do...still exciting...It's still not incredibly warm - tomorrow is June 1 and the temps are barely over 60* each day.  It creeps up to 70 for a day or so and then we're back into the 50s.  Blah.  I love WI weather but I do not love being cheated out of a 4th season!  Oh well - I'll just focus on the road...

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