Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wind check

I ran the same 2.2 mile route in 25 minutes today.  I have been making excuses lately - mental health days, gassy tummy bugging me, I'm too old for this, no music, blah blah blah!  For some reason I got sucked into watching a bit of the hard core American Rangers (or something!) training on TV and I saw them pushing themselves and puking through a bunch of stuff.  And I'm whining!  I mentioned to Mo that I needed to get going and back to running and he was more than happy to ask me every 20 minutes or so if I was ready.  Task master!  So we went after dinner.  Not my favorite time, but no more excuses!  Tonight my dumb pony tail kept hitting me in the elbow.  I tried to ignore it but I kind of wanted to laugh - it's been a while since I felt that!  I felt pretty good but came back into the wind.  I think my hair was straight out like a crazy Pippi Slowstocking!  Oh time if the wind is this bad, I'm picking a different route.  We'll see how that goes...=)

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