Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day by day

(Are you singing the song now?)
We were w/o internet for a while but I was out running 3x over the past week.  Saturday I went on the trail (bad idea!), then Monday and Wednesday was the usual route.  I don't see much progress on speed, but who cares!  My body seems to be recovering better, otherwise know as ability to actually walk the next day =)  I would really like to start adding some distance, since my goal is a 5K/3.2 miles, but pushing past the 2.2 miles is hard since I am pushing a stroller!  (<-----Excuses, excuses...!)  Kind of hoping I can get out at least once this weekend w/no kids.  Otherwise I need to start figuring out the Y thing w/child care.  I enjoy running outside but the treadmill is easier in the sense that I don't think I give up quite as easy.  And I'm not pushing a stroller!  We'll see...There's only 3 weeks left.  I guess I could just walk the last mile...but I don't want to.  I should probably also start looking for another 'race' to do after that one so I don't just poop out and quit...I think there are a few coming up nearby.  As long as there isn't ice - I don't mind snow flurries, just dress warm =)  What's funny is that the past few years it has been unseasonably warm for this upcoming race, which is after my birthday.  The couple of years before that, it snowed on my birthday!  Wisconsin is a funny place.  We own at least twice as many clothes as other people due to all the climate changes.  It will be interesting to see the weather this year!

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