Thursday, May 5, 2011

Say WHAT?!!!

I just did the neighborhood loop - but this time I went around the 2 big blocks closest to my house, too.  My thought was that I would add a quarter mile or so, putting me closer to 2.6 or I just got back, I'm eating my breakfast of wanna-be-champions and I plugged my route into google maps.

Wait for it...

no really...wait for it.......

3.1 miles!!!
I'm not saying it was pretty, and I'm not saying I was all that fast, but I am saying that I almost completed a 5K in my own neighborhood!  Say WHAT?!  No finish line, no time clock, and nobody literally pushing me on.  Yes I am super proud of myself and yes I am indeed bragging!  (Pride goes before a fall, so let's just hope I don't fall on Saturday!)  I am taking tomorrow off and then Saturday is the race.  WOW.  

Total training miles logged: 49.29
I know I did some before I began writing it down, so I am awarding myself a nice even 50.  I can do that.  =)

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