Monday, July 14, 2008


Dave's leg is broken. He had surgery. Check out the other blog for details. But today I'm talking about broken plans. We planned to do some biking together this summer. We were looking forward to putting Mo in the trailer and riding off into the sunset. Our home state has so many cool now that won't be happening. I'm feeling a little discouraged our summer totals. I'm not riding as much as I wanted. These past few weeks, I've just been riding to school and no where else. If we want to run errands as a family, it means taking the van. Otherwise it's boring to go by myself. Dave wants to get out of the house too so I just fire up the fuel-inefficent bohemoth and away we go! (I'm just kidding about the van, it gets pretty good gas mileage and my family from other towns tell me we have pretty cheap gas. It's not as big as Dave's brother's van either, but I just get cranky when we could be biking instead of driving!) So the point is, I need some encouragement. Tell me I'm making a difference even if it's small etc...yadda yadda...but tell me I should keep doing it!

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Zippy said...

OK, Keep up the good fight! You are almost at your goal of riding 100 miles! I rode 30+ last year and I was excited, but you trippled me! You are also getting some good experience being a caregiver with Dave breaking his leg and now your mom and your son. You are doing a GREAT job even if you stop at 90 miles!