Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Back in the crooked saddle again

My ride started out bad today. I fell off the bike in my own driveway. I was barely on it! Every day I ride to summer school in a skirt and I have yet to have problems. It wasn't the skirt. It was the shoes. My kickstand is loose, apparently, and was sticking out. It got caught between my flip-flop sandal (not the cheap kind, but that's the best description!) and my heel on the first revolution of the pedals. In attempting to shake the kickstand loose, I dumped the bike. Landed on the same knee and wrist as last time. Sighed. Got up, kicked the stand back into place, got back in the saddle and coasted down the driveway. Something wasn't right. The seat was crooked. Not having time to fix it, I just rode on. I discovered at the end of class that I don't have the muscle to fix it and just rode home w/a crooked seat. Sigh. Then I get here, update the total for June and find it's only half of what May was! Not feeling it today. Well, there's other things that are affecting my attitude. You can read about other family injuries at the other blog. Let's hope July is better! Heck, let's just hope tomorrow is better! I'm too old for bike injuries!

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Mel and Moses said...

Just re-read this and something my mom always said popped into my head! "I hope the neighbors weren't watching!" Yeah, they probably thought I was crazy riding to work in skirts. Oh well!