Friday, May 27, 2016

2016 New town, new trail, new people

Well, well, well...this blog is not dead!
Today all 6 of us went on the paved trail near our house.  We went 7.5 miles to a town south of us and back.  Some of us may have gone a bit farther since we doubled back a few times!  One of us was on training wheels =)  We saw cranes (even a baby one!), tractors, weeds and a fenced nature preserve we didn't know about.  We also checked up on a house we had previously looked at when we were on the house hunt 2 years ago.  Moses and I saw the berry picking patch/buisness by our house and we told the berries to get nice and big and juicy.  We promised to come back and visit them in about a month or so...
I'd like to say that we are going to be doing a lot more of this, but I honestly do not know.  It's really nice that almost everyone is riding independently and no one needs to be pulled in the Burley.  "Ernie" was pretty slow on the training wheels today, though, and I sort of wished we had put him in there.  He can ride w/o the trainers - until something distracts him and he just falls over.  Oh well - maybe by the end of summer!  It was a beautiful day for a ride but I had to laugh.  DW said it wasn't going to rain, even though it was in the forecast.  He said it was going to miss us.  I was waiting for "Ernie" at the end of the trail where we parked and wouldn't you know it - it began to sprinkle!  By the time we crossed the street and put our bikes in the trailer it started to rain!  It poured for at least 2 hours after that!  I had a good time teasing him!!
The trail was extremely easy and so nice!!  If you are ever in our area and want to try it out, we recommend it!
PS - if you are wondering about the new people in our family or any other news, check the other blog!

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