Tuesday, June 16, 2015

2015 - new town to ride in!

We moved...if you read the other blog, you probably know that already.  And it's 2015!  A new year for biking!  I am not delusional - I do realize that we will get no where near 100 miles this year for various reasons, but I will keep writing in this space.  As a family of 4, we went on our first ride this year!  We are approx. 3 miles from the center of the new (little) town we live near/in.  Yesterday we went into town on bikes - each of us on our own!  It was pretty fun =)  We went to the hardware store, the grocery store, the gas station...pretty much almost every business there is in town.  It's quaint - we ran into someone we know at the grocery store, which was a bonus!  Then as we were finishing up our gas station ice cream treats, the clouds loomed...we got about a mile from the house and it poured!  It was funny and gross and wet and a really good memory!!  All together we put about 6.5 miles on our list!

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