Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chances are.

I pushed it today...the plan was that in 6 days from today, I would be doing a 5K.  However, due to a funeral in the extended family, I am choosing to skip the run and be w/my family.  But I cannot let that stop me from pretending like it is going to happen.  I will make other plans to do a different 'race' soon.
This morning was an interesting one.  I should say that it started last night...we rarely park our cars on the street.  Twice the neighbor has backed out of the driveway and hit our car.  (Note to all who visit us - do not park in front of our house.)  Last night Dave parked further down the road, but on the street.  There is a small church that meets across the street, two houses down...and after it got dark, as someone was leaving, they hit our car!  So...we practically never park on the street, but one of our cars has been hit 3 times.  What are the chances?  Apparently, they are high.  (Again, if you visit us, do not park on the street.  Talk to us and we can find another option...!)  This morning, I added a little extra to my route.  At one point I scared a big bird out of a tree and as he flew away, right over my head, he pooped.  I had to quick check myself for anything - I swear I felt a tiny drop on my face!  EWWWWWW!!!  This, however, would not have been the first time I got pooped on!  When we were leaving a restaurant once a bird pooped right on the top of my head.  Chances are my hair do looks like a big target!  Luckily, it seems this bird missed me.  And then!!  Recently the phone I was using to track my workouts died before I even got halfway.  Dave has been so kind to help me make sure it was charged before I needed it and then it wouldn't happen again.  Ever since then, though, I fear running w/o music!  Today, like I said, I added a little extra to my route.  I was just coming down our block, finishing up and thinking of where I would go for a walk to cool down.  I hit stop and save on the workout tracking program.  I went to skip to the next song on my playlist and the phone went black.  I hit the button again...still nothing.  Then I remembered that feeling of the phone dying!!  What are the chances that I actually got a chance to save my workout right before it died?!  Chances are this will happen to me again!  ARG - when I got home Dave told me that it wasn't dead.  It just went off for some reason.  Weird.  I am like an old person when it comes to his phone.  Oh well - at least I figured out how to stop it from changing songs every time I jiggle it a little!  Which is a lot since I am running!  It's not the best solution - but it works.  If anyone knows how to turn that feature off of an i.Phone, please let me know.  

(This long post is about to get longer.)

The past few days, I have also been taking pics during my morning runs.  Nothing spectacular - just stuff I see that I like.  
Here's a shot of the bunny I saw last time, 4 houses away from home.  I also saw it again today - chances are he lives around here =)

Neighbor bunny

Yikes!!   Nothing like early morning long shadows to make what you already think is a really big behind even bigger!  I still love the sun and the long shadows though.

GPOY.  Here I am in all my sweaty, wrinkly, pale glory.  But I needed to have at least one pic of me!

This is a view I really love.  This is from the extra part I added.

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