Tuesday, May 3, 2011

RIP apathy!

Today I seriously struggled w/a sense of just not doing anything.  (Imagine me whining to myself....)  "It's a busy day and it takes too much time to get over to the Y and back...it's cold outside and cloudy!...I'm achy...I might need an inhaler and I don't have one...(sidenote - I really was having trouble breathing just sitting here)...I'm tired...etc..."


I really wanted to kick it into gear and not let myself down.  I started this whole project to run a 5K, not to sit on the couch and whine.

I bundled up (it's 38*, but feels like 31* according to TWC online) and went outside.  I ran/walked 2.4 miles around the neighborhood.  I felt like a cold slug, but I did it!  I refuse to be indifferent about whether or not I achieve my goals!  If I had some better/warmer running gear I think I could convince myself to get outside more often...too bad there is no running gear fairy!

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