Monday, April 18, 2011

On family, freezing, foot fungus and finishing!

First of all, we were visiting family this weekend which prompted a 3 day break from running.  I'm not blaming the family, but I am sort of making an excuse.
Then - we were in the western part of the state and it snowed!  We had to brush the van off!  Almost 2 inches of snow had fallen fast!!  It is super cold this week and they are predicting more snow, even here.  That's not all - it's windy and FROSTY.  On top of that - our water heater is officially dead.  No, we still haven't gotten it fixed.  So showers in this house are almost hypothermia inducing!  I took a shower at the Y today but...
I forgot my flip flops.  
Can you get foot fungus from the Y shower after going barefoot only one time?
 Wait - don't tell me.  I don't' think I want to know!  We really need to get that thing fixed.  The showers at the Y are plenty hot, so that's awesome but it's pretty inconvenient to haul all my stuff and then forget the flip flops.  I could have come home today, but no amount of foot fungus could stop me from a hot shower!!  I will not freeze, rather, I'll just fight the fungus!
Today I did 2.8 miles!  This is the furthest I've gone to date.  I'm not saying I was fast, nor am I saying I ran the whole 2.8, but I can tell my body is becoming accustomed to this routine!  A 5K is 3.2 miles and I am still not up to that...but regardless of how far I've gone or not gone, I plan to FINISH this 5K.  And I don't plan to make it my last, so I won't be finished w/them yet!
(Total so far: 32.64!  It's like I ran ten 5Ks, right?  Never mind that it was over what, 5 weeks?)

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