Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh YES I did!!

I ran outside for the first time today!!!  It was nice =)  Cold, but nice!  I felt like I ran less than I usually do, ran slower and just generally more sluggishly.  HOWEVER - I managed to make better time than I've been doing on the treadmill!  My friend Liz shamed me encouraged me to get outside by posting a friendly comment on my wall and I am so glad she did!!  While running outside, I realized that on the treadmill I really don't even think.  I did a lot of that today, though!  =)  I made up a list in my head about the good and bad things about both treadmill and outside running.  (I am a compulsive list maker, if you didn't already know that, well, you do now.)  So this may seem lame, but I am posting the list...(by the way, I did 2.3 miles.  Less than usual, but it was OUTSIDE!!!)

  • Boring
  • Joining the masses as I stare at mechanized screens and machines
  • Can control my speed and time easily
  • Water easily accessible
  • Get to look at the lake out the Y window afterwards!  (The best part)
  • Other equipment available, if I choose to use it
  • Takes longer to get there, get going and then get home
  • Atmosphere is full of peppy people interested in staying fit (mostly)
  • Running surface is smooth, predictable, can control the incline
Running Outside!
  • Lots of excitement!
  • On my own – only passing cars see me
  • Using the mp3 player clock to tell time and Google Maps to pre-plan a distance
  • Don’t get a drink until I get home
  • Get to see things like red-winged blackbirds, robins and even ducks literally in my path!  Not to mention looking into people’s windows (hey, don’t leave your curtains open!) and seeing their décor…so many other interesting sights…
  • I have other equipment at home – ball, mat, rubber stretchy thingys, usually I use them
  • Shorter time gone from home since I run around my neighborhood (hopefully no one sees me!)
  • Atmosphere can be cold (I had to dress like a hobo today!  See last bullet point…), surface can be uneven and unpredictable, and traffic can be annoying…or it could be warm, sunny and exhilarating!

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