Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A ride cut short!!!

Today we rode to church and then a doctor appt. We were joking in the office about making it rain by washing your car, or hanging wash...We went to the pharmacy and I saw it was POURING!! I tried to call my hubby but it was lunch hour. I called a friend w/kids, knowing she'd have a mini-van and she gave us a ride. It took 2 trips to get the Burley trailer and the bike home! I was so grateful! I was prepared w/a windbreaker and hood, but I thought there was only a chance of sprinkles! I wasn't really prepared to ride in a downpour, and being that one of the kids is sick, it didn't seem fair to drag them into it, even if it was in the trailer. Still - we did 2.6 miles before that! So I haven't completely fallen off the bike wagon....

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