Monday, June 2, 2008

Safety vs. shortest route?

First of all, we added 2.2 miles today. We went over to the mall area. It's not that far, but the shortest route involves some very busy streets. Also, being the mall, the entrance area is busy. What really bugs me though, is that at least half the way there (not consecutively!), there is no sidewalk. So you go a ways, get into the street, get back on the sidewalk, cross an on ramp, sidewalk under the highway, cross an off ramp, sidewalk, and them before the entrance, no sidewalk. What's even worse is the fact that there are 3 street signs and a telephone pole. That's not all! I mean you could get off and walk your bike around the posts, but it's a rather steep incline. So if it was just me, I could probably handle it, but you've heard that I already flipped the bike and trailer, right? Yeah. So do I go out into the busy road, as cars attempt to enter the mall area? Or do I brave the incline and muscle my way around the posts? Is there any area where you struggle w/that conflict of safety and short route? The other, safer, route goes pretty far out of the way and involves a hill. I keep meaning to survey some other 'biking friends' but I forget. So what's your opinion?

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Joyce said...

I have similar issue with a place where there is a good bike path, then it disappears where it goes under the railroad tracks, and the cars are literally inches from you under there with no way to get away from them. Since the tracks pretty much divide the town in half, there's no way to avoid them! It freaks me out!