Saturday, May 17, 2008

My butt fell off...

...which is not necessarily a bad thing! We did 7.2 miles today!!! We rode to our church annex to pick up some free bread for the family of one of Dave's students. We rode to the students' house. We rode to the church that hosts winter farmers' market. It didn't feel like winter =)! We ate a muffin by the lake and rode home. It was wonderfully sunny and warm, but the wind is still brisk. Made for a good day to do errands on the bike! Is our total over 20 miles yet?? May is almost over. If we log 20+ miles for May, and 20 miles for each month until the end of October, that means we will reach 120 miles!! Yeah, I'm getting ahead of myself...Well, our ride today reminded me that we should look into some saddle bags or maybe a rack online. Since we have the trailer (usually) we can put stuff in there, but w/a kid in there it only holds so much! Any thoughts/suggestions?

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